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Harvesting the Finest: Nurturing Ceylon Cinnamon with Care and Passion

From Farm to Fork

Harvesting the Finest – Growing Ceylon Cinnamon with Care


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Harvesting the Finest – Growing Ceylon Cinnamon with Care





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About Us

Trusted Ceylon Cinnamon Farm

Since 2007, Ceylon Grower has been active in Sri Lanka’s cultivation and manufacturing of Ceylon traditional spices. On May 17th, 2022, we were established as a Private Limited Corporation. From small plots of land and natural gardens, we meticulously harvest green peppercorn, which is then processed in hygienic settings at their own processing facilities. Within 24 hours of gathering, raw materials are processed to preserve their natural freshness.

Under the direction of the Department of Export Agriculture, Sri Lanka, and affiliated organizations, all cultivation, harvesting, and processing is carried out by us. The International Pepper Society and the Ceylon Cinnamon Geographical Indication Association (CCGIA) both recognize Ceylon Grower as a member (IPC).

How We Work

Harvesting the Finest – Growing Ceylon Cinnamon with Care


Harvesting Quality, Crafting Taste – Experience Ceylon Cinnamon


How We Process

Learn More About Our Process

Let’s see how our cinnamons are processed.

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1. Cultivate

Grown Cinnamon trees are cut-down for processing.

2. Peeling the Bark

Taken out the outer layer of Ceylon Cinnamon bark by professionals within 24 hours of cultivating.

3. Drying Process

Drying the quills with sulfur to keep long-lasting quality and colour. 

4. Packing & Distribution

Cutting the quills as per standard length and packing for export.

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From our farm to your fork, savor the authentic flavor of Ceylon cinnamon

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Why Ceylon Cinnamon



Ceylon Cinnamon

  1. Soft In Texture With Easily Broken And Sweet Aromatic Flavor 👍
  2. The average Color Is Light Golden Brown👍
  3. Quill Is Contained In a Number Of Layers👍
  4. Medium Content Of Cinnamaldehyde (50-70%)
  5. Very Low Coumarine Content <0.004%👍
  6. Good For Health👍


  1. Hard In Texture With Thick Bark Not Easily Broken And Spicier Pungent Flavor👎
  2. The average Color Is Dark Brown Or Reddish Brown👎
  3. Quill Is Contained Only One Layer & Inside an Empty Cavity👎
  4. High Content Of Cinnamaldehyde (>80%)👎
  5. High Coumarine Content > 5%👎
  6. Toxic In Prolonged Use 👎

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